Aspire to climb as high as you can dream



I have just heard about 3 boys about to set off down the entire length of the murray river! All 2200 kilometres of it! in support of charity!  I wish them the best of luck! they are doing a fantastic job!, if you would like to donate! They are an inspiration to me! thats for sure!


Watching Andrew Mcauley's documentary 'Solo' was a huge slap in the face. But I already know what can happen. The video on his boat and the story behind his crossing really brought it home to me...I really respect the outlook on life he had and I think that is that main thing that drives me. I won't know the realities of life until I am out there experiencing it for myself. So to the hardcore adventurer and the doubters alike, I know what I am getting myself into, I know the dangers. But I don't know them. It is my outlook and actions that will shape the way I go about life.





I can't believe its almost here! My plans can finally start taking shape, its been on paper for much to long! Sponsorship is going to be my biggest problem. Its all very well having a wild dream but fuelling that dream is harder than it seems. Particularly if your a boy fresh out of school....with no job. I have to tailor a proposal that is irresistible. How I manage that I don't know. I am prepared to live in the street, if I can get this project of the ground. Every penny I now start to earn has to go towards this project! I look down the barrel of 8 weeks of pure hell. 8 weeks of HSC preparation, and then on top of that 4 weeks of the HSC. On the 8th of November I will officially be thrown in to the world. I will be naive I will make constant mistakes, I will face things that will drag me down routes I don't want to go down. But I have one vision, to paddle a small boat to a small island. Why? Not just to see how I face challenges, but also to see how capable I am in this life. Oh and to prove to those, who think the world ISN'T theirs. This may sound cliche but I want to open the eyes of millions. I don't know how long this may take but it WILL happen. I can assure you.




Conquering The Coral: First Research/Question Sheet

Conquering The Coral: First Research/Question Sheet: Research/Question Sheet · Kayak · GPS · Solar · Desalinate · Food · Weather · ...

First Research/Question Sheet

Research/Question Sheet

·      Kayak                
·      GPS
·      Solar
·      Desalinate
·      Food
·      Weather
·      Trade routes
·      Possibility
·      Sponsorship
·      Charity
·      Funding
·      Money
·      Health
·      Presentation
·      Maritime Laws
·      Distance
·      Reason
·      Training
·      Time
·      Age
·      Parents
·      School
·      Support Team
·      Friends
·      Time of year
·      Dream
·      Reality
·      Blog
·      Advertising
·      Drive
·      Aquatic Creatures
·      Equipment
·      Help
·      Scrutiny
·      Professionals
·      Contact
·      Internet
·      Communications
·      Destination
·      Course
·      Start Point
·      Bass Straight
·      Coffs/Sydney
·      Vanuatu Maritime Laws


1st Plan

My plan for this expedition is in the loosest of stages so what follows is almost guaranteed to change throughout the next two years.

Start point- Dingo Beach (QLD) in June 2012-
End Point Kerevinumbu (Vanuatu)
Distance in straight line 1,995 Kilometres                            
Path taken estimated 2,100 ks
Essentials (not in order)

  • -Weather forecaster
  • -Kayak builder
  • -Study Maritime safety laws
  • -Risk assessment
  • -Training
  • :Mental
  • :Physical
  • :Sleep Deprivation
  • -Equipment
  • :Navigation
  • :Power
  • :Communications
  • :Emergency comms
  • :Paddles/Protective gear
  • -Food
  • : MRE?
  • :high calories etc
  • :Dietician
  • -Study tides and ocean currents
  • -Get a Brand name (Conquering the Coral?)
  • :Logo
  • :Business cards
  • :letter head
  • :tailored sponsorship proposals
  • :Presentations to viewers to advertise Idea/Plan
  • -Medical (First Aid)
  • :training
  • :Raising money for a charity
  • Angel Flight ( ?